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Land of Pants: The World of Overlord Marty!

Where the Lager and Women Are FREE! Well, Sort Of...

.:~Overlord Marty~:.
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Welcome to the World of Overlord Marty!

In this kingdom of Land of Pants, ruled by Myself, My Personal Adversary chimerablack, My Daughter Gwen pink_grrl, and My Son Windel, basically anyone can join and either be approved by Me, Marty, as a Personal Marty Staff member (which has great advantages), a townsperson (less advantages), or you can make up your own station. The choice is up to you, my young scholars!

The Goal:
Once you have been assigned a station by Me, Your Overlord, you can at once begin your journey through Land of Pants! Create your own business (if you're a townsperson), tell your own epic tales, write your own adventures, and what have you. It's all about having fun in a make-believe kingdom, that's more modern than you think!

The Advantages:
If you are a...

Townsperson–> You are treated with the utmost respect as a citizen of Land of Pants and you can do anything you wish (with some exceptions) under the Rule of Overlord Marty. Although, stationed as a townsperson, you will not have the same advantages as those who have stations under Personal Marty Staff. Overlord Marty just doesn't have enough room for all of you to be Personal Marty Staff, sorry.

Personal Marty Staff member–> You basically have all the privileges Overlord Marty has! Of course, your station name still applies to what you do in our virtual World of Martydom, but you have the power to anything you want and have complete access into Marty's Manor. Plus, you get to share with teh naughtiness that is Manservants Billy and Dom, heh heh. I figured that would make everyone happy.

Other–> If you are one of the loyal Marty subjects who has created their own station, please specify what category you fall under, and therefore declares your status in Land of Pants.

The Rules:
Yes, believe it or not, there are rules to follow by so that everyone can have an equal chance in Land of Pants.

1.) When joining, you must present yourself in your first post explaining who you are, where you come from (make up anything, seriously), what your business is, what talent/skill/craft you have, what your social status is in the kingdom, and anything else that may be of valuable knowledge to other loyal Marty subjects.

2.) After introducing yourself, start to know who your neighbors are and what they do. You may find friends or foes in Land of Pants!

3.) As tradition goes, you must come bearing at least one gift to Yours Truly. This act of performance with rank you high in Marty's Big Book of Good Things. Besides, it's nice to receive gifts! ^_^

4.) Do not, under any circumstances, anger Your Overlord with hateful or flaming comments. Otherwise, I, Marty, might just take away your land!

and finally...

5.) Have fun! If you ever have any suggestions as to how Land of Pants could be upgraded, please drop a line to Me, or My Personal Adversary, chimerablack.

Stations Already Filled [in order of when member has joined]:
Overlord Marty ~ celticpickle/overlord_marty
Personal Adversary ~ chimerablack
Personal Asistant ~ illblancesgrl
Personal Minstrel ~ kyle2500
High Priestess ~ athelasleaf
Personal Hobbit ~ anewlife
Storyteller/Pub Owner ~ dramapunk
Town Madame ~ lickthebadger
My Daughter Gwen ~ pink_grrl

Stations Available By Request:
~Personal Marty Staff, etc.~
My Son Windel
Personal Slave
Personal Sextoy
Personal Blanket
Personal Jester/Fool
Personal Masseuse
Personal Entertainer
Personal Cook
Personal Stableboy
Personal Kisstoy
Personal Wizard
Personal Hitman
Personal Army (consists of more than one person)

Village Idiot
Local actor
Local actress
Local drunk
Shop keeper (in general/make up your own store)
General goods store manager
Sleezeball (become your own def.)

More options to come shortly...